TVF Pitchers: A short Miniseries

TVF Pitchers: A short Miniseries
Source: TVF

Naveen Bansal(Naveen Kasturia), Yogendra Pandey (Arunabh Kumar), Jitendra Maheshwari(Jitendra Kumar) Saurabh Manda(Abhay Mahajan) where the four friends struggle to raise funding for their startup company. This five-episode TV mini-series also shows how parents and society think about startup companies.

The series begins with a girl rejecting Saurabh Mandal as he is in a startup company instead of doing a job and tries to join the others in the startup. Mandal even tries to convince Naveen's girlfriend Shreya (Maanvi Gagroo) to hire him as he is from IIM. Finally, she convinces others to give him a chance.

Naveen Bansal is the main man, Yogi talks with the business and all they need is a programmer. Jitendra can code but he worried that his wife, Saumya Maheshwari (Akanksha Thakur) wouldn't agree with him to leave the job.

Saumya understands his passion and she even applied for the job to support the family. So Jitendra left his job and started to code all by himself for the startup company.

Before Jitendra agreeing to code Naveena and Yogi went to hire yogi's third cousin mutual friend for coding. He asked for 30% equity in their company as a fee.

While everyone is preparing to attend a competition to raise funding, Jintendra's father visits his house to attend a marriage. Unfortunately, Jitendra has to stay at home. Other went to participate in the competition, but the manager refuses to allow them as their team member is missing.

Somehow they managed to get in competition but unable to participate. On the other hand, Jitendra is struggling to tell his father about quitting the job, his wife stood up and told everything father-in-law. This shows how Indian fathers are interested in a job than building a company from the ground.

Someone with the same idea approached their potential investor with the same plan and targets, the investor is interested in that offer than these four's. How they managed to get the funding from the same investor is the remaining plot.

This mini-series shows how everyone lost their loved ones for the company and how they helped each other in difficult times and difficult to explain your passion to your old stereotype parents.

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