T-34 : Movie Review

T-34 : Movie Review

This movie begins with an adrenaline rush escape scene of two Russians soldiers while they are driving to the base from a German tanker.

After escaping from the germans, Nikolay Ivushkin (Alexander Petrov) a tank commander report to his superiors for duty. As the Russians have only one tank left to fight against the Germans with no tank commander left. His superiors appoint Nikolay as the tank commander for only tank available.

The next morning Klaus Jäger (Vinzenz Kiefer) a German panzer battalion was ready to attack a small village near Moscow. Nikolay with the help of few available foot soldiers hide in the village before the dawn to surprise the Germans.

Nikolay successfully destroys all the tankers single-handedly. This fifteen minutes of world war II tank action will make you hold tight to your seats. A last the german commander shoots and capture the entire crew.

This crew is sent to the German war prison with an order to execute Nikolay. The German commander is promoted to a higher rank, he is looking for a tank commander to train his soldiers.

While searching for an eligible officer, he comes across Nikolay Ivushkin and makes him agree for a test to check his skills in tank combat. Klaus Jäger allows the Nikolay to choose a crew from the prisoners for the test and also provides them with a brand with a new T-34 Russian tank destroyed and captured during the war.

The rules for the test are simple, Nikolay has to repair the tank to participate within a week and escape from the German panzers fire. In return, he can't fire any shells on the German panzers.

The remaining story is how he escaped from the prison with the tank and won the battle. The last thirty minutes was one of the best war movie climaxes I have ever seen.

Even though I saw the movie, again I would like to pay for watching this movie in an IMAX theatre.

A perfect World War II tank film to watch when you are bored.

My Rating 8/10

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