Rich in Love (2020): A Netflix Film

Teto (Danilo Mesquita), a playboy accustomed to being with all the girls of the small town of Paty dos Alferes, interior from Rio de Janeiro. Son of billionaire Teodoro (Ernani Moraes), the “King of tomatoes”, he has no dedication except to enjoy life. 

At his birthday party, he faces Paula (Giovanna Lancelotti), a down-to-earth medical trainee who, unlike the city girls, has no idea who he is or the size of his father's empire.

The problem is that Paula hates playboys like Teto. So Teto found a solution to win her over by pretending to be Igor (Jaffar Bambirra), the son of the caretaker working  Rei do Tomate and his childhood friend. Together, they leave for the capital with the mission to succeed the doctor's heart and show their father their true worth.

So Teto as Igor and Igor as Teto joined in Teodoro's company as Interns. The managers think that Igor as Teto and give more importance an engages him in everything. On the other hand, Teto as Igor is given less importance and humiliate him. 

The remaining story is how Teto and Igor managed to switch roles, how Igor used his disguise for his advantage in the job and help Teto to stand on his feet. The love story between Teto and Paula is usual in this type of genre but the struggle went by the Teto to win a girls heart is shown as real as possible in this movie. 

At last, how Teto managed to become successful on his own is the main part of the story.

My Rating 7/10

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