Mrs. Serial Killer: Netflix Movie Review

Mrs. Serial Killer: Netflix Movie Review

A police inspector (Mohit Rana) is desperate to find the serial killer who is killing a single pregnant woman. He is suspicious that (Manoj Bajpyee) is the killer as he only one gynaecologist in the town capable of killing these pregnant women and keeping the fetus as souvenirs in a glass jar.

So Rana assembles everyone in the town at an old building to find the dead bodies and finds six dead bodies there. As soon as Manoj Bajpyee arrives at the airport he was arrested.

As no lawyer is coming forward to take the case, so (Jacqueline Fernadez) approaches Brij Rastogi (Darshan Jariwala) a senior advocate who is unable to move from bed due to his medical condition, on her husband's advice.  They lost the first bail hearing due to strong pieces of evidence against them.

Brij Rastogi advice to Jacqueline to commit a murder same as the serial killer to get a bail. So with a great effort, she fakes the murder of a pregnant girl. 

Rastogi requests court for Manoj's bail as the murders are still going when the accused in jail. After Manoj Bajpyee released from the jail, Jacqueline tells everything to her husband how she managed to kidnap and faked the murder.

Manoj couldn't able to stop the urge of killing the pregnant girls, so he started to kill the kidnapped girl. After some drama, the police inspector, the kidnapped girl boyfriend and Jacqueline while trying to stop Manoj accidentally hit by a bullet.

After watching this movie I have wasted 90 mins plus another 30 mins to write this blog post. Netflix is wasting money to make local content with the famous stars in Bollywood, Instead of that, they could dub the quality foreign original content.

The acting of the stars is awful, especially in the opening scene. After a while when the scene continues you feel disappointed.

My Rating 3/10

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