Microsoft's new game in Edge Browser

Windows 10 comes with two browsers, One is famous and old school Internet explorer the other is latest edge browser which you can upgrade it to chromium version, and get all the features of google chrome.

When the internet is not connected, everyone might play the t-rex game in Google Chrome at least once. The game is easy, competitive and addictive to play when you are bored. Well, I play it all the time when bored. A developer has created a 3d version of the google t-rex game which you can play here

Same as the google chrome, Microsoft Edge added Surf game to the browser that is equally addictive as the t-rex. You can access it from edge://surf/ in the address bar in Edge browser. There are three modes available in this game: a classic surf mode, a time trial, and a slalom mode where you surf between gates.

The Edge surf game is very similar to SkiFree, a classic game that was launched as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows back in 1991.

The standard classic surf mode is an endless surfer mode where you have to avoid obstacles and a Kraken chasing after you. The time trial is self-explanatory, but Microsoft has added in coins to collect so you can shorten the time and find speedy routes.

The zig-zag mode is perhaps the most challenging, as you’ll need to hit every single gate, otherwise, streaks are immediately reset.

You can play this game with a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, controller or Xbox adaptive controller.

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