Into The Night: A Netflix Series Review

Into The Night

This Netflix series has a similar concept of the movie 2012, where the protagonist and his peers are trying to board a ship during natural calamity. An Italian NATO army general ambushes a plane with a gun and hijacks it from Brussels airport.

After leaving the airport, the Italian general claims that the sun would kill them all if they don't fly to the west. So with a handful of passengers in the plane, the first officer diverts the plane to Iceland with the help of a former army chopper pilot in the passengers.

When the plane approach to Iceland, the airport is a mess and on fire so they turn to a next nearby airport for refuelling. There they meet three US soldiers and gave them a lift. One of the passengers identifies the three soldiers as war criminals who are about to be court marshal.

So the survivors put to vote and ditch them in the next airport. So what exactly they do is to land in an airport, fill up the fuel, grab the food and water and take off into the Night. At last, how they found a trick to survive in daylight is the remaining series.

The drama between the passengers is carefully written and few scenes take you to edge. You will be definitely bored and skip a few times. If you watched The Last Ship, Walking dead and other post-apocalyptic series you can manage this 6 episode series.

My Rating: 7/10

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