Facebook launched an app inspired by TikTok

Facebook launched an app inspired by TikTok

In a Blogpost, Facebook announced that it has launched a new video sharing platform called Collab where three users can collaborate to create a video similar to TikTok. he app, launching as an invite-only beta on iOS, is from Facebook’s NPE division (short for new product experimentation).

Here’s the real TikTok-style feature: these videos, for now, can only be posted openly to the Collab feed, where any other user can use it to create a video of their own. Say you like one person’s guitar part, and another’s vocals. You can put your own beat over it with a virtual drum pad on your iPhone and make a whole new song.

Facebook says you can’t remix the underlying music, and everyone whose parts are used in a new Collab post gets properly credited. You also won’t be able to just use other people’s parts to create a new song — you’ll have to record something new to contribute yourself.

Facebook says you’ll still be able to share them to other platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, but only after they’re posted to Collab. There also won’t be a “save to camera roll” option for getting the videos off Collab, at least for now.

At present, you can get this app via invitations only. You can apply to join the waitlist to try this app at https://npe.fb.com/collab and to get updates on this app join the Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/collab.beta/

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