Epic Games might launch GTA 5 for free

According to a report from Gamepressure website, Grand Auto Theft Auto V will be available for free on the Epic Game store from 14 the May to 21st May. If the reports are correct, you'll be able to get up a free copy of GTA 5 on the Epic Games store very soon.

The free edition of GTA V will release as Premium Edition. In addition to the game itself and access to Grand Theft Auto Online, it will also offer a lot of additional content. As usual, adding the game to the library during the promotion makes the game remain yours forever.

This report sparks all kind of rumours about upcoming rumours on the next version. I doubt that the next version is coming anytime soon.GTA 5 generated $595 million in digital revenue in 2019, showing that there are no signs of it slowing down.

Recently, Epic Games posted a tweet on its official page about a free game this post is adding fuel to the report.

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