Dangerous Lies: A Netflix Movie Review

Dangerous Lies: Review

Kaite (Camila Mendis) works at a diner and her husband Adam ( Jessie T.Usher) came early to pick her up instead of waiting, he is studying. At the same time, a robber with a gun killed a busboy and trying to rob at gunpoint.

After Adam killed a burglar in a cafe his and her wife Kaite lives changed. Adam left the university Kaite joined as a caretaker for Lenoard (Elliot Gould) an old rich man with no family.

Mickey Hayden (Cam Gigandet) a real estate agent bugs Kaite to sell the Leonards house, she rejects the offer by saying she is not the owner. Then suddenly Leonard dies, Detective Chesler (Sasha Alexander) suspect that the Adam has something to do with it.

After the ceremony, Julia (Jamie Chung) approaches the Kaite as a lawyer and tells about the WILL Lenoard wrote before a week he died. According to the will, Lenoard left everything to the Kaite. And once again the real estate agent bugs the Kaite about selling the house this time he sounded like warning her.

After the Lenoard died, Adam found a box full of cash in the attic about a $100K. So both Adam and Kaite decided to keep the money in the bank locker. After a while, the caretaking agency owner George Calvern (as Michael P Northey) came to Katie's house over a paycheck issue between Kaite and Lenoard, he slips from the stairs and dies.

Adam got suspicious so he searched the house and found diamonds hidden. Kaite and Adam are found out that someone is following them for the diamonds. So they decided to leave the town, while they are preparing to leave Mickey Hayden comes in the house with a gun for the diamonds.

From then on you can expect what happens and the remaining story will suggest the title of the movie Dangerous Lies.

What's good?

  • I'm still finding, I will update once I find. 

What's Wrong?

  • If you are thinking about the Knives Out level murder Mystery, You are nowhere near. 
  • Everything secret reveals in the last 15 Mins.
  • You feel like you are fooled by the writer.

My Rating 5.5/10

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