Control Z: A Netflix A Series Review

Control Z : A Netflix A Series Review

The series revolves around Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril) an introvert with depression problems, observers everyone with distance. One day a famous football players son Javier (Michael Ronda) joins the same school and starts to like Sofia.

One day at a school meeting, a hacker played a secret about a student gender. The whole school started to talk about her. The hacker messaged victim whether she wants to take revenge on her friends who helped him. She replied yes and the domino effect started.

Hacker started to blackmail everyone in the school and taking advantage of their situation. Our protagonist Sofia tends to have a deduction power like Sherlock Holmes so, she can guess the situation of her friends and understand them. So one of the victims of the hacker Raúl (Yankel Stevan) asks her for help to find the hacker.

So Sofi, Javier and Raúl start to investigate about the hacker. Meanwhile, hacker starts a fighting event in the school between two boys. One hits the other so badly he went to unconsciousness. Hacker messed everyone in the school and changed their lifestyles.

The remaining plot is how Sofi, Javier and Raúl played their roles to find the Hacker and exposed him to other students. With a sad ending, this nine-episode series ends like with a feel to press ctrl z button to undo the whole thing happened in this series.

Overall, with a bit of suspense and high school teen drama, Control Z series is a Netflix series you can watch once just if you are bored.  The trailer reveals most of the plot but watching the series for the suspense worth your while.

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