Blood and Water (2020): A Netflix Series Review

Blood and Water (2020): A Netflix Series Review

Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata) and her family still griefs about a missing child just after she was born about 17 years ago and celebrates her birthday every year royally. This party made Puleng very sad about their parents because they still grieving about her missing daughter. 

So Puleng went out to a birthday party with her friend Zama Bolton (Cindy Mahlangu) where she sees a girl, Fikile Bhele( Khosi Ngema) seems like her missing sister. 

Julius Khumalo(Getmore Sithole), Puleng's father accused of kidnapping and child trafficking of his firstborn daughter and get arrested in front of the school.

As the video got viral, Puleng joined the Fikile Bhele's school so that she could find about her. During Puleng's first day she's got a chance to interview Fikile for the election. Puleng's ask Fikile about her childhood and other stuff.

The next day she submits her article about the interview to the school newspaper editor Wendy Dlamini (Natasha Thahane). Wendy changes the article and publishes in the newspaper due to politics. Puleng and Fikile eventually got into a fight which went too far.

On the other hand, Puleng investigates about her sister with wade daniels(Dillon Windvogel) starting from Fikile's birth certificate. They both tracked down the signing officer of the certificate in the jail, which turns out to be useless. 

And the remaining story is how Puleng managed to find about her sister and convey the truth to her. This series is more of a teen drama than a mystery. You will mostly find the protagonist dealing with issues of her wrongdoings than the solving of her sister's case.

The way the characters communicate with each other is uniform and together is the major plus point for this series. By staying on-beat and presenting a cast that’s sold on the narrative, you taste its culture shine constant with its energetic environment while delivering South African politics and social issues.

You can expect another season of Blood and Water soon. 

Overall,  Blood and Water ( 2020)is a six-episode series of South African teen drama and a little investigation about the protagonist's sister.  

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