A Youtuber turned a calculator into a textbook

A Youtuber turned boring Casio Calculator to a sophisticated cheating device

In Engineering everyone allowed to carry a scientific calculator to solve complex calculations in examinations. Everyone tries hard enough to save the mathematical equations in calculator to help them remember at the time of the test. 

A Youtube channel named Neutrino replaced a Casio fx-991MS scientific calculator solar panel with a small LED display panel and added a WI-FI option to download the data from Google firebase console.

He even added a chat option to talk with friends in the examination hall. The drawback of this option is you can only send a pre-programmed text, you can edit these texts while programing the calculator. 

To Operate this calculator you need a small magnet, as switches can be seen by the invigilator. To charge this panel you can equip the calculator with the wireless charging or you can make external pins to charge as shown in the video.

To disguise the magnet, YouTuber hid a small magnet inside the pen to access the switches with the hall-effect sensor. This Idea is remarkably clever to cheat in a test. He also made his code used in the calculator available in Github

With a Youtube video, he explained the assembly process and the steps to improve the build quality.

The material required to build the display is in the video description of the video.

Update: According to the creator, a legal company claimed the copyrights on behalf of Casio so the video will unable for the moment. 

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