18 Presents: A Netflix Movie Review

This film is about a pregnant woman who leaves birthday presents for 18 years in advance before she dies of cancer.

Elisa (Vittoria Puccini) got pregnant by luck after many miscarriages. One day at work she bleeds, so she went to see a doctor after scanning doctor said she's got breast cancer and treatment is not possible due to pregnancy.

Elisa started to go to a cancer support group for emotional support. During the session, she got an idea to leave 18 presents for her future baby. Instantly she got the gifts and piles in the house and ordered her husband to give a particular one of them at a certain birthday. 

Elisa's daughter Anna (Benedetta Porcaroli) was not interested in those gifts and feels moody during her birthday. At her 17th birthday, she ran away from the house and met with an accident.

Anna goes back in time while her mother was still pregnant. From this scene, you don't understand what is happening in the film or how she came back in time and you feel some difficulty in following the movie. Don't worry she is just dreaming in the comma.

In comma, Anna stays at Elisa's house and receives her love as she missed in real life. Anna helps Elisa to pick the gifts for her child and sees the struggle of her parents to keep her alive. 

With a sentimental touching note from a dying mother and her 18 birthday gifts will make you remember your mother for this mother's day.

Except for a little glitch in the story, the remaining story makes you stick to the screen. I think Anna is in hospital for exactly a year.

My Rating 6/10

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