The Willoughby's: A Netflix Animation movie

The Willoughby's: A Netflix Animation

The Willoughbys is based on the 2008 children's book from Lois Lowry and directed by Kris Pearn. Pearn and Mark Stanleigh rewrote the screenplay, and Rob Lodemeier is attributed as co-director.

The story is told by a talking blue cat – with the voice of Ricky Gervais. From the opening, this cat makes it clear that the Willoughbys' adventures will not be one of those stories of good old families in which everyone is happy in the end.

Mr and Mrs Willoughbys are indeed really appalling people. They are so intensely in love that they couldn't care less about anybody even their own children Tim (Will Forte), Jane (Alessia Cara), and the Barnaby twins (Seán Cullen). They view the four kids as nothing as a nuisance and hardly ever give them attention. They both boss them about, shout at them, or confine them to the coal bunker.

The story starts when a baby is abandoned in a shoebox in front of the Willoughbys' house and found by the four children. Their parents kick them all out of the house in order to have their peace and quiet without children.

All four of them find a place for the abandoned baby at a chocolate factory run by Commander Melanoff. While returning home vexed kids plan decide to make orphans of themselves in the hopes of a better life. By sending their parents to a deadly world tour which is set to kill them. So they made a brochure of a world tour with no children sign on it.

The Willoughby's: A Netflix Animation

While Mr and Mrs Willoughbys leaving for tour, they hired a nanny who can cook, sing and clean. Except for Tim, all others liked her. So Tim informed to orphanage services that four kids are living without parents. The orphanage services took all for of them and sent to foster care. Tim wants to restore the Willoughby family to live a normal life like before.

So with the help of his all four siblings, nanny and Commander Melanoff built an airship to rescue their parents from alps mountain in Switzerland.

As the cat said at the beginning of the film this story is not a good old film with a happy ending. Like before their parents reject them.

What's good?

  •  Popstar Alessia Cara singing as Jane throughout the film acapella style.
  • Good animation. such as beautiful use of textures makes the Willoughby's red hair look like wool or yarn or structures.

What's Wrong?

  • The film's darker theme is not appropriate for young children.
  • If you are looking for a Disney or Pixar quality, style, story movie this is not for you. 

My Rating 6.5/10

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