Outer Banks: A Netflix Series Review

Outer Banks: A Netflix Series Review

A 10 episode series with a teen drama, fights, revenge, thrilling adventures and lots of gold, Outer Banks is Directed by Jonas Pate, Cherie Nowlan, Valerie Weiss.



After a hurricane, 16 years old four friends named Jhon B, JJ, Pope, and a girl Kiara who live in a small island; find ship wreckage while they went out for fishing and finds a key to motel key in the ship. When they went to the motel, in the locker they found a gun and a lot of cash. Meanwhile, cops came to the motel room and seize the cash.

This made them suspicious so they went again and searched the wreckage and found a compass which belongs to Jhon B 's father, who is missing in the sea for 9 months looking for a ship named Royal Merchant which is sunk in 1824 with $400 million worth of gold in it.

While retrieving two people with are after four of them for the compass, in a secret chamber in the compass there is a clue to finding the gold. Jhon B finds a package after solving the clue. In that, there is a map with a cross to find the gold.

So four of them stole a robot submarine to find the wreck and they found the ship but no gold in it. And then Jhon B found about a lone survivor of royal merchant wreck Denmark Tanny, brought the island with gold who happens to be a slave and the founder of his island.

So he went to the archives where some of the founder stuff is on display to find more answers. Then
he found a letter written by Tanny to his sons about the location of the gold.

With that letter, he and his friends find the location of the gold, no able one found since the wreckage. John B's father's partner Ward Cameron also founds the location of the gold and took away the gold. And try to pin local police Murder on the Jhon B.

The rest of the plot is how John B and his girlfriend managed to escape from police.

What's Good?

  • The whole season is interesting and intense thrilling.
  • Drama, Revenge, and fights between friends. 
  • Story

What's Wrong?

  • Feels like it stretched a few scenes and rushed a few scenes.

My Rating 8/10

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