Jamtara: Netflix Review

Jamtara: Netflix Review

This Netflix series based on true events in Jamtara district, Jharkhand. Jamtara is known as the pishing capital of India. This series is directed by Soumendra Padhi written by Trishant Srivastava, Nishank Verma.

When you hear the word pishing scams you think about a professional hacker can only do. In a tiny city of around 2 lakhs of residents, illiterate teenagers scam people all around India and steal lakhs of rupees impersonating as a banker with an English accent. The  Hindu wrote an article about them and their activities.

Rocky (Anshuman Pushkar) and Sunny (Sparsh Shrivastav), both cousins assemble a team of four members to scam the people. The local political leader Brajesh Bhan (Amit Sial) got involved as the income of this phishing calls increase and offers them protection from the police in return of 50% of their income. Rocky with others join the leader and started a scam call centre.

Sunny refuses to give a share, so started to work on his own. He runs a spoken English tuition centre hires Gudiya (Monika Panwar) as a tutor and launder the pishing money. On the other hand, Dolly Sahu (Aksha Pardasany) a young and new superintendent of police arrives in the town to handle the pishing problem. 

She teams up with the Inspector Biswa (Dibeyendu Bhattacharya) and Saurav (Udit Arora) to stop the pishing crimes in the region. Their effort to educate the police about the technology shows how the Indian police are lacking the knowledge on the smart services.

Brajesh Bhan kills Sunny's Brother in law and frames sunny for the crime he didn't commit. From then onwards you can guess the story while watching this series.

The series feels like stretching from 8th episode just to extend, more politics between cousins and Brajesh is highlighted than the crimes. In this type of scams, you can't able to show what's happening behind a computer.

But the director didn't put any effort to show like entering card details in an App or successful payments message. Actors are just asking for the card details and that's it they have successfully transferred money.

Overall the series shifts its focus on how the Sunny and Gudiya and escapes from the Brajesh with the money rather than the police trying to capture all the scammers.

My Rating 7/10 

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