Home Before Dark: An Apples Tv plus Thriller

Home Before Dark: An Apples Tv plus Thriller

In the 1980s where a kid named Richie Fife is kidnapped while returning to home after playing in a construction site with his two friends. The whole town started looking around town to find the missing kid. The sheriff caught an 18-year old kid and put behind the bars for kidnapping the mayor's son and never recovered the body. This Whole series is based on this incident which shook the whole town.

Hilde Lisko (Brooklynn Prince) the second daughter of the Matt Lisko (Jim Sturgess) fond of being a journalist as she got her inspiration from her father who is also an investigative journalist in NewYork. As Matt lost his job, the whole family moved to Erie Harbor to reduce the expenses.

While she is coming to the new town she finds a woman suspicious and wrote her name down in her diary. After school, she stopped by her house and asked some questions and found that Penny Gillis (Sharon Taylor) is her father's friend. After a few hours later she died by falling down from a flight of stairs. Police officers closed the case saying that its an accident.

This made Hilde curious, so she went after it to find the truth about the death of her father's friend. While investigating she found about Richie Fife, a missing kid in 1980 was also a friend of her father. The kid arrested in the missing kid's case was the brother of Penny Gills. And started reporting for her newly invented newspaper The Magic Hour Chronicle.

As the newspaper got many negative effects on their family as the articles are half baked, Hilde's parents force her to quit the newspaper. But her parents let her write as she is good at it and supported her.

The remaining plot is how she managed to find the killer of Penny Gills with the help of friends which includes a police officer and helped her brother from the wrongful conviction of kidnapping which he didn't commit. A videotape found during the investigation of Penny Gills murder case is the major turning point of this series. 

The computer graphics and cut out made with paper during the scenes when the Hilde explains that this might happen to others is really amazing, this type of graphics is suitable when the kids are narrating the story.

I think you can hear Hilde's father saying, you should be home before dark in the first episode. All most all of the adventures done by the Hilde is during the dark so I kind of think the title is funny and it could be changed to something like a Hilde.

A lot is going on in this series for 10 episodes. I highly recommend watching this series.

My Rating 8/10

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