Coffee and Kareem : A Netflix Comedy ?

Coffee and Kareem : A Netflix Comedy ?

Coffee and Kareem is released on Netflix on April 3rd 2020 which is directed by Michel Dowse.
Ed Helms Played as James Coffee the police officer, Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Kareem and Taraji P. Henson as Kareem's Mother.



A twelve-year-old boy Kareem try to hire a criminal to scare his mom's new boyfriend, police officer Coffee. With his contacts in middle school, he managed to get a meeting with a gangster. When Kareem went to the hideout with coffee to hire, there are three gangsters killed a police officer in front of Kareem. This whole thing is recorded in Kareem's phone.

When Coffee heard the shots he came inside the building and identifies one of them as Orlando who is a wanted criminal. He and Kareem escape from there and alerts his superiors. Coffee and Kareem goes back to Kareem's house and takes Kareem's mother to a motel to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Coffee and Kareem wait in the strip club for his superior officer Hill and Watts. Coffee figures out both of them are dirty, then Watts kills Hill and then tries to kill Coffee and Kareem. They both escape in a police car. This car scene is timed well and it's good.

The remaining story is how they fought against the bad guys, and busted drug dealers


Well, the title sounds like Coffee and Cream which justifies this movie. There is nothing in this movie but a dumb cop trying to bust his own colleague's drug deal. And a trying to be 12-year-old tough kid trying to save themselves from cops. Kareem admits in the film very early on, this behaviour is only a protective mechanism against others to scare them.

This movie has so many "fucks" and other hearty swear words as possible does not make the character more funny or endearing. After all, film debutant Terrence Little Gardenhigh is convincing in playing an annoying one. The cop played by Ed Helms is also nothing but a sympathetic.

Taraji P. Henson, Oscar-nominated plays authentically for a long time as Kareem's worried mother. But when it comes to movie climax, she lets herself be infected by the overacting of the two main actors.

The action sequences are completely adequately implemented – for a film that is likely to rank in the lower-middle-class budget.


The annoying lead actors are no help in making the formulaic, artificially stretched crime plot.

What's wrong?

Kareem character is important in this movie, but those limitations to the character like being 12 years old can't fire a gun. which is a complete No.

Coffee's dumb character which is failed.

Child abuse topic when coffee and Kareem in the back of the trunk is not funny.

What's Good?

Taraji P. Henson as Kareem's Mother she carried a weight to her character. she got her own fight scene and she did well.

My Rating 

4 out of 10

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