Bentonrausch / Rising High: A Movie Netflix Review

Bentonrausch/Rasing High is directed and written by Cüneyt Kaya.



Emily Goss As Nicole
David Kross As Viktor
Frederick Lau As Gerry
Dejan Bucin As Nathan
Janina Uhse As Nicole
Uwe Preuss As Manfred Bauer
Jerry Kwarteng
David Haack As Viktor
Heike Hanold-Lynch As Gabi
Silvina Buchbauer As Viktoria Steiner
Alexander Yassin As Start-up-Unternehmer


Viktor (David Kole) a middle-class guy moves to the berlin with just a few bucks and try to rent a flat and denied as he lacks proof of employment. So he works as construction labour for the day and found out that the workers are paying more for their rent.

The next day he creates a false employment certificate and rents a penthouse for 3500 euros per month and rents it to construction workers for 4000 euros. After three weeks Viktor gets a phone call from renter about a loud sound from the penthouse when he went there the whole crew is partying. When police arrived a Viktor and Gerry (Frederick Lau) escapes from there.

As they became good friends they decided that Gerry would buy cheap houses from auction and Viktor would sell it for overprice to make profits. when they went to auction house the competition is tough so they bribed the guard to take the bidders to another room so they can buy the properties for dead cheap.

In that auction, they both brought a 20 flat apartment for 360,000 euros but they don't have the money to pay the auctioneer. So they decided to first sell the properties during the 10-day grace period and pay next. To issue loans to the buyers, Gerry took Viktor to his childhood friend Nicole(Janina Uhse) who is a banker. So three of them made a deal.

Viktor and Gerry Successfully sold all the flats to the buyers and paid the auctioneers debt before the due date. With that, they both made a lot of money and decided to buy an insurance company as its customers are an easy target to sell the apartments.

As the company is growing the tax department has issued a notice to pay the taxes. With the tax money, Viktor brought a necklace worth millions. He gave it to his wife during the wedding and they both forget about the necklace.

When the due date is near Viktor and Gerry try to pay the tax amount by taking the loan form the bank. As the tax is due banks denied the loan, so they decided to start their own bank in Malta. They bribed the checking officer to get approval.

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What's Good?

  • Viktor, Gerry characters are good.
  • This movie shows how rich take money from the poor as it does not fundamentally change.
  • This movie sketches the image of a world of too fast wealth, which completely forgets itself and its fellow human beings.
  • Its shorter running time compliments the narrative and the performances of its main cast do it a lot of favours.

What's Wrong?

  • This movie is the same as wolf of the wall street and war dogs.

My Rating 6/10

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