5G cell tower was set on fire in UK

 5G cell tower was set on fire in UK

A 5G cell tower in Birmingham, UK was set on fire by conspiracy theorists thinking that a 5G tower is spreading COVID-19.

In spite of the fact that 5G has no link to cancer, stupid theories still spread on social media.

Now, in the middle of global coronavirus pandemic, few people in the UK thought that the 5G towers are the reason to spread COVID-19. These false claims have now lead to cell phone towers being burned and engineers abused in the UK.

A 20-meter cell phone tower in Birmingham was set aflame, Police are still investigating the cause of the fire, but EE engineers who were on the scene suspect it was the work of arsonists.

 5G cell tower was set on fire in UK

On Friday, yet another tower was torched, this time in Merseyside. Both the towers and control panels were damaged before fire and rescue services could extinguish the flames.

Remote workers, hospitals, and emergency services all rely on telecoms services, and damaging crucial infrastructure only impedes these efforts.

In most cases, workers being harassed were installing fibre optic cables that had nothing to do with 5G.

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