Website To Track CoronaVirus Numbers And Statistics.

Website To Track CoronaVirus  Numbers And Statistics.


Google is the first place on the internet everyone goes when they have an issue. so google has created a website for statistics.


Apple has created a screening tool to access your symptoms and give a detailed report. Apple says "This report will not be shared with government officials unless you want to."


Bing has developed a site with a map and statistics you can access it at In India bing is showing cases in different levels such as state level, district level. In the district level, statistics are which is slightly deviating from the government sources.

John Hopkins University

These guys are the first one to make a map tracker in January. JHU is showing accurate and exact information in the United States, Europe, and a few parts of the world as they have collaborated with the World Health Organisation. Coming to India they are showing a big red dot with exact figures. You can access this site at

Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare

This website is the official and accurate source for India Statistics. You can access at and another website is

World Health Organisation

In the WHO website, the precautions, travel advisory and other useful information such as Mythbusters are good and exact. WHO website is just showing Confirmed Coronavirus cases and Deaths. This website is relying on Jhon Hopkins University Maps.

World O Meters Info

World O Meters Info is a commercial website with a lot of ads and excellent statistical graphs and data points. Data points include active cases, recovered cases, deaths. At present this website is more useful than any other. You can access this website at

Covid-19 India Org

This website is crowdsourced. This website is collecting information from the crowd about the infected patients. Anyone can submit data by filling a google form. In this form, you can report about new cases, recovered cases, deaths. You must be able to provide a source in this form otherwise your response is invalid.

This website has a serious web developer behind it. They are creating a database about patients with every detail they can get their hands on. And also they created a tracking system which is amazing.

At first, they are naming the patients who are getting infected who travelled to other countries. Then they are using crowdsource they are mapping how this first patient infected other patients. This website virtually created the transmission link till now. If they have the right resources this website can help to backtrack people easy.

You can access this website at

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