Top Apocalyptic Movies You Can Watch In This Epidemic

Top Apocalyptic Movies You Can Watch In This Epidemic

I am Legend

This movie features Will Smith and his dog in the entire movie. He is the lone survivor in New York after the post-Apocalypse where a deadly virus wipes the entire population of the city. The loneliness shown in this film touches your heart, on the other hand, light afraid zombies make this a good thriller movie. 


Healthcare professionals, government officials and everyday people find themselves in the midst of a pandemic as the CDC works to find a cure. This movie is the same as the current situation of COVID19.

The Last Ship

After world hit with a deadly virus, a US Naval ship is sent to a remote Antarctica to find the original virus that has been carried by a seagull. This primordial sample is used to find a vaccine. Already destroyed by the virus, local terror groups took charge of the prime spots of the US. How this ship found and delivered the cure is the first season.

If you are looking for binge-watch I would recommend this series.

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