Maska A Netflix Original: Review

Maska A Netflix Original: Review

Direction: Neeraj Udhwani
Producer: Doris George, Seher Latif, Shivani Saran
Music: Raheja Akshay, Mikey McCleary, Ketan Sodha
Cinematography: Eeshit Narain


   Nikita Dutta as Mallika Chopra

Javed Jaffrey as Rustom Irani

Prit Kamani as Rumi Irani

Manisha Koirala as Diana Irani

Shirley Setia as Persis Mistry



Diana Irani (Manisha Koirala) and her son Rumi Irani (Prit Kamani) owns a cafe named Rustom Cafe. This Cafe is established by Rumi Irani's Great Grand Father after fleeing to India from Iran and it's passed on as a family business. After Rustom Irani expired the cafe lots its touch as Diana pulls out cafe's iconic dishes as no one can make a better dish than her husband.

Just like her family tradition, she wants to pass this cafe to Rumi, but he has other plans in his mind. Rumi wants to become a famous actor after winning a street-level pageant competition. To join in acting school, Diana makes him clear that he will get money only if he works in the cafe as a baker and Rumi agrees to it.

In the acting school, Rumi fell in love with Mallika Chopra (Nikita Dutta) who is a NonParsi and divorcee from Ludhiana. They both move in together after an awkward meeting in the cafe with Diana. Rumi attends every audition but that's not going well. Meanwhile, Mallika gets a chance as a lead role in a web series and ready to abroad for shooting.

During a party, Rumi meets a struggling director who is looking for an investor in the film. Director promised a lead role to Rumi if he can get the money that requires to make this film. Rumi decided to sell the cafe to procure the required money. Mallika differs with his Idea of selling the cafe to become a lead role in a Movie. He goes back to his mother and started working as a baker and gets the Rustom cafes iconic dishes back which pulled the huge crowd to the cafe. The cafe's business started to increase with the help of the money Diana gets her knee replacement.

One day Diana finds out that her son is trying to sell the cafe and confronts him. Finally, she decided to transfer the power of attorney to his son to sell the cafe. Persis Mistry is making a documentary on the old Irani cafe's called in the middle of the night to come to a hospital. Where an Old man is in critical condition due to kidney failure and his last wish is to eat bun maska from Rustom cafe. So Rumi and Persis take that old couple to the Rustom cafe and make their wish happen.

Finally, Rumi decides to sell the cafe and took the advance from the buyer and gives it to the producer of the movie in the presence of the director. After signing the final deed he decided not to sell this family heirloom to outsiders and tears the agreement.

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What's good?

The emotions in the movie are the heart touching,
The young actors and actresses are good looking,
This Movie shows the importance of places that ties with your sweet memories.

What's Wrong?

Manisha Koirala as a Parsi mother is a big no, I didn't like it. The character needs more development.
Same old story
Nothing is New

My Advice is you can watch this movie once, If you are a fast forwarder you will at least fast forward 6 to 7 time while watching this movie even without reading this review first.

My rating 2.5/5

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