How to Get COVID-19 Updates Through Whatsapp

World Health Organisation has started a WhatsApp bot to share the latest information about the COVID-19.

In this Whatsapp chatbot, you can know the accurate and latest information on confirmed case numbers, how to protect yourself from virus, frequently asked questions, Mythbusters, latest travel advice, latest news and press releases and symptoms of the virus.

Same as any chatbot you need to send a trigger message to activate and a small menu appears. Which contains the above-mentioned topics. You can send the number adjacent to the topic and you will get the text as a reply.

This messaging service is launched in collaboration with using turn Machine Learning technology.

You can access WHO WhatsApp messenger bot here

Government of India also started its own Whatsapp Messenger chatbot. Welcoming with Namaste which helps in reducing the spread of the virus. The chatbot consists of emergency helpline number and email.
This chatbot is maintained by Haptik which is recently brought by Reliance Jio. This Bot is also mainly focused on

  1. What is Coronavirus and what are its symptoms?
  2. How does Coronavirus spread?
  3. How to reduce the risk of Coronavirus?
  4. Professional advice By AIIMS-Director
  5. Know more on Coronavirus (including District Wise Reported Cases)
  6. Where to get help?

 How to Get COVID-19 Updates Through Whatsapp

You can access Hapticks WhatsApp messenger bot here

Reliance Owned Haptik an AI conversational app also launched a WhatsApp chatbot to fight against coronavirus.

This chatbot mainly focused on

  1.   What is Coronavirus?
  2.   What are the symptoms? 
  3.   How do you protect yourself? 
  4.   Myth busters 
  5.   Travel Advisory 
  6.   Know more on India

The highest volume of queries on the chatbot is around the topic of symptoms at 22 percent, followed by general details and myths at 20 percent each. Surprisingly, the protection aspect is lower down the order.

You can access Hapticks WhatsApp messenger bot here

If you want any information regarding the coronavirus please visit for info all around the world.

For information in India please visit the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website

You can track Coronavirus using Maps:

  1.  WHO Novel Coronavirus Situation Map
  2. Microsoft Bing Coronavirus Tracker

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