iPhone SE 2, NEW iPad Pro, software services all debut

iPhone SE 2, NEW iPad Pro, software services all debut

Apple is about to host its first launch conference in 2020 in March, because the main product of the iPad product line, iPad pro, has not been updated for a long time, so New iPad pro appears in the launch event as possible, and in 2019 it will pass It is necessary to update the iPhone SE2 and attract people's attention to the new generation of iPhone SE. So what else should be paid attention to in this press conference besides the new protagonist iPhone SE2 (also called iPhone9)?

 iPhone SE 2

iphone se 2, NEW ipad pro, software services all debut
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The information of the iPhone SE 2 should be the most exposed at present. According to the news, the appearance of the iPhone SE 2 will be highly referenced to the iPhone 8 and there will be local small changes. The size will remain around 4.7-5.0 inches. The Touch ID Home button is retained. The flagship of the screen, and from the current renderings leaked from foreign websites, the iPhone se2 is likely to be a "Liquid Retina LCD" screen, which is the original full-colour screen in Apple's mouth.

In terms of performance, it can be said that the A13 processor used on the iPhone 11 last year is equipped with 3GB LPDDR4X memory, which guarantees the absolute strength of the new iPhone SE2, and there will not be too many variables in the camera. It is expected to use a single rear camera. Built-in 2000mAh battery in other aspects, and support IP68 waterproof and wireless charging (but personally feel the possibility of wireless charging is very small, but the ancestral 10w "fast charge" is very likely, but 10W is acceptable if the battery is small)

Regrettably, this phone should not support 5G networks, which will become a major reason to hinder people from buying iPhone SE2, and Apple should plan to affix the "label" of the first 5G network mobile phone to 9 this year. Released on the iPhone 12 on the month.

In terms of price, the price of the iPhone SE2 should be around 399 US dollars, equivalent to about 2767 yuan. Domestic pricing maybe around 2999 yuan. The appearance colour may provide richer colours, such as deep space grey, white, red, yellow, and gold. Waiting for the debut.

As for whether you are concerned about dual cards and dual standby, there is no news for now, but judging from Apple's previous urine characteristics, Mmmmm ~~ Don't hope anymore. The purpose of Apple's introduction of se2 is not to produce so-called low High-priced models, so don't expect anything, but there may be surprises.

New iPad Pro

iPhone SE 2, NEW iPad Pro, software services all debut

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this conference should bring a new iPad Pro series. In 2019, Apple has updated the iPad system to iPad OS separately. It can be seen that Apple attaches great importance to the iPad product line. This year, it also It happens to be the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPad. There is currently news that the New iPad Pro will continue to update the 11-inch and 12-inch product lines, leaving 9.7 and 7.9 inches for air and mini.

The new iPad Pro will have a sharper appearance, and the overall feeling may be more like the super enlarged version of the iPhone 4. As for the configuration, it is no surprise that it is A13X, and there will not be too many surprises. According to the performance of the iPad Pro, the daily generation of the previous generation is It is more than enough.

One of the biggest upgrade highlights of the New iPad Pro is that it will add support for 5G networks. This iPad Pro that supports 5G networks will also support millimetre wave technology (but there are rumours that the iPad Pro joining 5G networks may come later, first Appearing is the 4G version)

The other major upgrade is his three cameras on the rear. These three cameras will support ToF 3D sensors. It is reported that South Korea's Derkwoo Electronics will supply Apple with a 3D sensor camera module. The biggest purpose of Apple's introduction of ToF is to enhance the AR performance of the product.

Apple Series Software Update

Apple's traditional spring conference is focused on software. This time is no exception, but the hardware release is more eye-catching. This time Apple should announce a large number of new services, including Apple TV +, Apple News +, Apple. Arcade, and Apple Card, but due to the high domestic use price and various factors (you know), these updates are not very interesting for domestic users.

At present, it seems that Apple's spring conference in 2020 will become more interesting because of the addition of iPhone SE 2. It may even affect the mobile phone market in the next year. In the fierce competition of the mobile phone industry, see more and better, more affordable products and services.

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