How to access published papers for free

how to access published papers for free
Source: The Verge

Accessing a published paper in the right way is too costly. So Alexandra Elbakyan an Under Graduate student from Kazakhstan developed a website that can access all the published papers from the top publishers. The pirate queen was sued for infringing copyrights.

Where can you access?

If the link is not working. Please let me know in the comments. I will update the working link.

How can you access?

You need to enter DOI of the published papers to download.

What is DOI?

Is This Legal?


Then why am I promoting it?

Right to education to everyone is part of the Indian Constitution. Even though it is wrong to infringe copyrights, I encourage this project as its main aim is to have an Open Access to all scientific published work. This blog post is the last thing I can do to support a good cause. 

Got More Time?

Read this article on the verge to find out more about pirate queen Alexandra Elbakyan

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