The World's Smallest And Toughest Pen

SLUGHAUS, a small company based out of San Francisco made a World's smallest, Strongest, And Lightest pen, Yes what you heard is right. This Pen Measuring in at a staggering 5cm in length, and 0.75cm in diameter. Started Manufacturing With the help of a crowdfunding platform. 

2 years ago, Slughaus made The World's Smallest EDC Flashlight which is a huge success on Kickstarter. 

This Nano pen is indestructible Waterproof, Fireproof, Smashproof. This Pen Contain's Tungsten Carbide Tip. This material is superior because it is particularly resistant to deforming. Its Mohs Hardness is rated at 9 which is higher than Titanium and Steel

Using a Tungsten Carbide tip, this pen is more than just a writing instrument. You Can use it to puncture and slicing of cardboard and plastic materials. 

The tungsten carbide ball is designed to be a perfect sphere that can grip any writing surface. Its surface is actually composed of over 50,000 polished surfaces and pits connected by a series of channels throughout the entire sphere. This design allows the ink to be present on both the surface and interior of the ball.




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