The Mobile Airbag Prevents Phone From Damage

When your flagship phone kisses floor your heart stops, to ease your moment. A German engineering student named Philip Frenzel may have the solution to save everyone some time, money, and unneeded stress. He has created the mobile airbag, a case that senses when your phone is in free fall and releases metal prongs to protect it from damage.

The design comprises a thin protective case that uses sensors to deploy metal springs whilst free falling. the metal springs can then be reinserted into the case and reused. Frenzel’s invention recently won Germany's mechatronic prize for 2018. The Aalen university student plans to launch a Kickstarter for the project next month.


The story of the award-worthy bachelor thesis begins with a jacket casually thrown over a banister, a brand new smartphone in the jacket pocket, the free fall of the new smartphone a whole floor below and a "spider Screen".

 The expensive replacement of the fragmented display worked for a full two weeks, then everything was black again - and the iPhone just scrap. "The crash caused all the electronics to break down," Said in an interview. Philip Frenzel, who is currently completing his mechatronics master's degree at Aalen University. 

For the follower phone had a more stable protection ago, that much was certain. But the 25-year-old was not satisfied with his research at the time. "Packing the iPhone with its aesthetic design in a chunky outdoor shell is not fun," says Frenzel and laughs.

 And since it is well known that he was inventive and did not let go of the problem of splintered cell phone displays, he sat down at the local workbench in the basement, "to try hard on the brain".

 Meanwhile, four years later, the result of this effort has flowed into a prize-worthy bachelor thesis and applied for a patent.