Steve Jobs rigged iphone launch in 2007

Apple unveiled its first iPhone back in 2007 to much fanfare. During the Macworld 2007 presentation, then Apple chief Steve Jobs showed off an actual working model of the iPhone to show how intuitive and easy it was to use it. 
But did you know that he faked the demonstration?
 Yes, it looks like the iPhone at that time had a lot of bugs and it wasn't really ready for the grand unveiling.
Well, here's how he faked it. 
The Apple engineers, apparently, found a way what they called the "the golden path." Steve performed a specific set of tasks, performed in a specific way and order, that made the thing look completely functional. 
Apple even struck a deal with AT&T for a portable cell tower that only the phones on stage could access to avoid bandwidth issues.

 In fact, Apple even rigged the iPhones to show a five-bar connection, regardless of how many bars it was actually getting. It was a simple solution, which worked brilliantly for the demo, and the rest is technology history!


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