Microsoft is launching Android Phones Later This Year

After discontinuing its Lumia line brand last year, Microsoft has so far made no indications of a possible re-entry into the smartphone market. While we have been hearing rumors of a Surface Phone for a long time now, the latest rumor suggests the device will not be arriving before the end of 2019. However, according to a Microsoft Store rep, the company is currently working on a new phone that will be powered by Google’s Android operating system. 

Microsoft Reportedly Working on an Android Smartphone
According to, Replying to a query on when the Lumia phones will be back in stock, a Microsoft Store representative has claimed that the Windows Phone engineers are currently focusing on releasing a new model. While he did not know any significant information regarding the design or features of the handset, he did say that it will “be powered by Android for sure”.  He also confirmed that the device will indeed by Microsoft-branded. While the idea of Microsoft releasing an Android smartphone isn’t unimaginable, we should take this report with a grain of salt as support reps aren’t usually very well informed regarding upcoming product launches.
Microsoft Android Smartphone to Launch This Year?
There is no word yet on the release date either, although if the device does exist and is currently under development, there is a chance that it could be made official by the end of this year. However, seeing how the latest rumors have suggested that the Surface Phone has been delayed until late 2019, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Microsoft Android smartphone arrives sometime early next year.
Leaks and rumors surrounding Microsoft’s Andromeda aka Surface Phone have been flying consistently for the past few weeks, and we have some more information on the much-hyped device. A new report from Thurrott indicates that the company’s highly ambitious dual-screen Andromeda Project isn’t dead yet. It’s just that the Microsoft is working on refining both the hardware and software of the said dual-screen device.
Brad Sams of reports that the device is being reworked once again to optimize both the hardware and software of the Surface Phone before it makes the device official. The report adds that Microsoft had originally planned to launch the dual-screen device in the second-half of 2018, but now it has decided to launch the product in late 2019.
Could a Microsoft Android Smartphone be Successful?

As many of you might be aware, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system failed to achieve much popularity during the period that it was alive. In fact, Microsoft earned more from the sales of Android devices thanks to its licensing agreements with Android OEMs. Microsoft also offers a wide range of apps for the Android operating system currently and has partnered with Samsung in the recent past to ship Galaxy smartphones with select Microsoft apps from the factory. If Microsoft is actually working on an Android smartphone, it will certainly come with Microsoft’s app and services suite out of the box, along with other customizations. Even though Microsoft seems to have given up on the idea of creating a new mobile operating system for smartphones, it is expected to integrate at least some Windows Phone features to its custom Android skin.