IU Translator

About the size of two matchboxes, the IU Translator translates speech between more than 20 languages and can also do offline translation between Traditional Chinese and English. When I want to talk, I press the "I" button and say something in English -- my paired phone will then read the phrase in the second language. Your new friend wants to reply? They press the "U" button and the phone will translate their phrase back into English.

Avori smart toothbrush

Have you brushed all your pearly whites? The Avori smart toothbrush uses sensors inside the handle to detect where you're brushing and how hard you're pressing to give you analytics on your clean -- the app will tell you where you need to brush more and just how healthy your smile is.

SmartX Ring and Necklace

This smart jewellery lights up when you get a phone call and has an RFID chip embedded inside that can be used to unlock smart locks. Oh, and the creators say the necklace shoots perfume when you get a call too... just in case the lights weren't enough.

The biggest problem with jewellery is it looks pretty, but doesn't do anything. Diamonds might take literally 1 billion years to form, but what have they unlocked for me lately?

That's why we invented smart jewellery. But the biggest problem with smart jewellery is it's designed to be functional and understated -- there's nothing out there for the person who wants more jewels, more unnecessary features and more in-your-face opulence.

Until now.

Spotted in the back halls of Computex in Taipei, Asia's biggest (and quite often weirdest) tech show, the Smart Xring and accompanying Smart Necklace are pure Liberace in the looks department and they're smart (in a pretty, but wholly unnecessary way).

An RFID chip embedded in the Xring and Necklace can be used to open smart locks, and an LED embedded under the gem refracts coloured light to alert you to phone notifications.


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