Proud moment for India as Agni-V missile is successfully tested.  It is the India's first intercontinental range Nuclear enabled ballistic missile which is capable of hitting targets in all Asian countries and parts of Africa and Europe. Agni V missile covered over 4,800 km in 19 minutes.

The long range Nuclear ballistic missile Agni 5  is successfully flight tested at 0945 hrs today from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island) from a defence base off Odisha coast. All the Radars, Electro Optical Tracking Stations and Telemetry Stations tracked the vehicle all through the course of the trajectory. All the mission objectives have been achieved by Defense Research and devolpment organisation.

The missile, powered by three-stage solid rocket motors demonstrated a flawless spectacular launch in auto mode and followed its entire trajectory in the textbook manner, dropping the three motors at predefined stages into the Bay of Bengal.

Unlike other missiles of the series, Agni-5 is the most advanced with new technologies in terms of navigation and guidance, warhead and engine, said a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) official.

Specifications of the nuclear warhead-enabled Agni V 

Operational range of the ballistic missile = 5000 km

Payload  = 1361 kg 

Height = 17 meters

weighs =50 tonnes.

Defense minister  Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman has congratulated all the  Defense Research and devolpment organisation Scientists, Staff, Armed Forces and Industries for the success of A5 Mission.

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