iOS 12 IS HERE!!

Posted by Mihir Manyam

Although there are no major UI overhauls like in case of the previous version, iOS 12 is all about Performance improvements, AR, Screen Time and a few redesigned apps.


Apple states that it has worked hard to improve the performance across the OS. The camera and keyboard now take even less time to respond and also even under heavy usage apps launch quicker.


You can now experiment with Augmented Reality right from the app.

Apart from that, Apple also introduced new Animojis from the likes of T-Rex and Ghost.

A new type, Memoji which creates Animoji of yourself has also been introduced.

Screen Time

Yes, we all know we are misspending our time on our phones. To put a limit to this, Apple has put forward a way with Screen Time. It simply allows us to allocate time for each app and as soon as we are nearing the completion we'll be put away from using the app. And yes, there is always a way to snooze just like you do with your alarm!

Insights can also be drawn as to how much time we are actually using the app and the device as a whole.


They now come bundled.
They are saved. Those who get a lot of them. It has been a "not anymore" of a kind but now it is being resolved.


Photos has received much need features which have long been the need of the hour for those who have been acquainted with Google Photos. Search now identifies subject in the image, gives back memories, sharing with people recognized from the photo.

Apart from that iBooks has been renamed to Apple Books and received a fresh coat of paint just like the Stocks, Voice Memos and News apps did.


FaceTime now supports group calling for up to 32 people
And a visually attracting feature is that in a group call the person who's actively participating will be shown bigger and those listening will be cut down on size.


Siri will now take custom commands from the user. I'm very much excited for this now.
Traditionally a single command gives us a single action. But now we can set up a custom command to perform multiple actions. With the help of new app, Shortcuts the user would have already set specific actions as what to trigger when a specific query has been asked. So, when you say "Get direction to home" Siri executes all other actions that have been set like sending a text message that you are reaching home, adjusting the room temperature so that you are comfortable on reaching home and so on.

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