Amazon India has turned five in India today and that certainly calls for a celebration. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos understands this is a huge milestone for the company, but in an open letter to the Indian customers says that it’s still Day 1 and he’s looking to further deliver on the bold promise of Amazon being ‘India ki Apni Dukaan.’ 

Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO, in the letter  says that progress is energizing and proceeds to talk about the achievements of Amazon’s India team, such as it has been the most visited shopping site in India for the last two years.
He asserts that the company now reaches customers from 100% serviceable pin-codes, with packages shipping from 50 fulfillment locations that are spread across 13 states around the country. This is one of the reasons that the company is easily able to serve you within a day or two, especially Prime subscribers.
Amazon India has also given sellers an opportunity to market and sell products directly to consumers. In the letter, Bezos said, Hundreds of thousands of Indian businesses now sell on Programs like Chai Cart, Tatkal, and Saheli have helped bring small business and local artisans across all of India to start selling online.

Then, Bezos talks about the growth of Prime Video and Alexa – its streaming service and voice assistant in India respectively. Both of these services have grown tremendously and are slowly adapting to India with localizations through Indian content on Prime Video or local songs, devotional bhajans and more on Amazon Music and Alexa, thanks to the wide variety of Echo smart speakers.

Cashback Offer

In addition, Amazon has decided to offer Indian customers Rs 250 cashback on the purchase of Rs 1000 or more to celebrate its 5th anniversary. The catch is that you’ll have to complete the payment via a digital service and the cashback will be remitted to your Amazon Pay account.
This sounds like a great deal but as it turns out, Amazon is simply trying to give its new digital wallet a push with this cashback offer. We will be on the lookout for any more 5th anniversary offers, so keep an eye out and return back for extra discounts.

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