Motorcycles play an important part in of India population who travels daily. With an ever-shrinking road space, two-wheelers are a better option for many for many challenges that cities across the country throws at commuters. In addition, it has always been a much more affordable option for the masses.

It is important to understand your requirement - why do you need a bike? 

Is it a necessity and you need to commute to your workplace/college every day? 

You don't like public transport and want to save time in commuting.

It's your secondary mode of transport and you need the bike for going short distance for daily chores.

Or it has been your childhood dream to ride a particular bike and you think the time is right for you to get one.

Once you know what you are looking for, the next job is to decide the segment. Segment depends on the kind of budget you have. Always keep in mind that newer the bike, the better condition it is likely to be in. Typically, cruisers need more maintenance but they are comfortable to ride.

where to buy?

Dealers: If you buy from a reputed dealer, chances are you will get a machine which has been thoroughly checked. Second-hand motorcycle dealers inspect the bikes before buying any inventory. As he has to sell it down the line, he would have ensured basic checks, at the very least.

Private sales: Buying directly from a private seller will save you some money but it involves a bit of risk. If you either have experience or the knowledge, or know the bike owner, it is advisable to check and opt for this option for a good bike at a good deal.

First thing to do when you want to buy a bike is to check registration, Chassis number, Engine number. Here is the procedure to check registration of bike.

For Andhra Pradesh click here

For Telengana Click here

Type the registration numbers and search you can see the details you will see like this.

then compare it to C book which looks like this.

You need to check the registration number,chassis number, engine number in these documents.

and compare registration number,chassis number, engine number on the bike by using pencil and paper . place the paper on the chassis number and draw on it by sliding pencil you will get these numbers.

Things you should know  before you buying a Second hand bike

1 Visual inspection
2 Audible inspection
3 test riding of bike
4 cost estimation


In visual inspection you need to check the condition of bike for any damages, wear and tear of tyres, Check for the battery,  

where to look for damage?

You can see damages for bikes at front and back wheel's, at gear pedal, at tanks, and also at suspensions.

How to know wear and tear of tyre ?

Normal indian bike tyres lasts for 20,000 kms at normal smooth usage. At heavy rough usage tyres may last like 7500 kms to 12500 kms. wearing of tyres may lead to change of tyres which costs you money. check for thread thickness and also check for spores.

Check for genuine paint

You can check paints by comparing two bikes side by side. Now a days local body painters are also painting with high accuracy. So you may not find the difference. But you can differentiate company paint and local Cheap paint by, reflection of light will be smooth for genuine paint and for local painted bikes it varies for cheap paint. If local painter uses genuine paint well and good.

Ask for battery Warranty card or Don't pay for Battery.

Now a days battery in the bikes are necessary to start engines. Battery can lasts for up to four years if well maintained.if not maintained well Battery can fail at any time. Depending on the bike battery costs varies you can check here . Ask for warranty card if the battery is new if it is old battery don't pay for battery.

Audible inspection

In this process you need to test the engine, so sart and give the accelerator full. Now you can hear the engine Revs .

 you should listen if the engine is perfect is a flat sound without any defects is like this.


Test riding of bike

 you can ask for test riding of bike. at the time of test ride check for accessories like clutch, Breaks lights,light pass, horn and self start button. and you can check for mileage of the bike.

Ask for change of engine Oil

engine oil is need for lubricating the internal parts and also acts as a coolant. you can check the engine oil at side of the engine for few bikes.

Here comes the Crucial part, Valuation of bike

Life of any motor vehicle is 15 years in India as per Motor Vehicle Act. while validating your bike you need to consider Age of bike, Distance travelled, Wear and Tear of Tyres, Battery, Damage, Engine Sound, Functionality of other accessories.


I am going to give you two examples for how i am going to calculate if i have to buy from you?

Consider you have Bajaj Pulsar 150, it costs around say 75,000 for new bike. if you brought your bike back in 2015. it's been 3 years since you are using and you travelled 25000 km. Its normal usage according to this bike. there is normal wear and tear in tyres, factory fitted battery, no major damages just little scratches here and there, Engine sound is Good ,No knocking (Tik Tik sounds) ,  all  auxiliaries are working.

For each year 5,500 of depreciation is added so 3*5,500 = 16,500
For battery subtract another                                                   =   1,000
For tyres   another                                                                    =   ₹ 2,000
for other extra costs                                                                    = 2,000
total depreciation                                                                      =  21,500

   75,000- 21,500 = 53,500

I will buy your bike for ₹ 46,500- ₹ 53,000 accordingly if all the above conditions are satisfied

Consider you Bajaj Pulsar 150, it costs around say 75,000 for new bike. if you brought your bike back in 2012. it's been 6  years since you are using and you travelled 40,000 km. Its normal usage according to this bike. there is High wear and tear in tyres, Old battery no warrantyno major damages just little scratches here and there, Engine sound is ok,  knocking (Tik Tik sounds) ,  all auxiliaries are working.

This bike costs around ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 36,000

For each year 5,500 depreciation is added  6* ₹ 5,500 = ₹ 33,000
for battery                                                                      1,000
for tyres                                                                          2,000
and other depreciation costs                                      3,000
total depreciation                                                        39,000

₹ 75000- ₹ 39000= ₹ 36000
I will buy your bike for  30,000-₹ 36,000 accordingly if all the above conditions are satisfied.

Based on the bike manufacturer this  5,500 annual depreciation amount changes.

After buying bike from second hand dealer you need to transfer your bike registration to your name.
that costs around 2000 rs


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