Madha Movie Review

Madha movie is released on 13th March 2020. This film has won the best feature film and best actress awards at Nodia International film festival. The best lighting and the best poster award at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival.


Direction:  Srividya Basawa
Writer: Prashanth Sagar Atlluri
Producer: Indira Basawa
Music:  Naresh Kumaran
Cinematography: Abhiraj Nair
Film Editing: Renjith Touchriver


Trishna Mukherjee as Nisha
Rahul Venkat as Arjun
Anish Kuruvilla as Ravi Verma
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Balasubramaniam



A group of scientists develop a baby that is immune to all type of drugs and diseases in a secret lab. At the age of three in a medical camp, Nisha was tested with the new drug by the Ravi Verma. As she did not show any reaction to the drug, he launched the drug into the market.

So many children died of side effects from the drug, Ravi Verma's company is seized and sent him to jail. Kills everyone who developed the baby with a bomb to take revenge. The only survivor was a three-year-old girl, she was left before an orphanage by a good samaritan.

 Nisha ( Trishna Mukherjee) an orphan and working as a proofreader in an ad agency met Arjun ( Rahul Venkat) in a bar and fall in love. Arjun pictures Nisha as a mentally disabled person by creating such incidents and sent her to a mental hospital.

In the hospital, doctors start to test new drugs on the Nisha and other patients. Nisha does not show any side effect on the drugs but the others are dying. So the doctors started to test every drug on her. To know more doctors send her blood sample to the lab.

A security guard in the hospital Ravi Verma (Anish Kuruvilla) promise Nisha to escape from the hospital and kidnaps her and tries to kill her.

To gather evidence about the illegal sale of organs, illegal drug tests on the orphans in the hospital, Arjun acts like he is setting Nisha as a schizophrenic person. Nisha knows everything from the start, Arjun tells everything about the hospital, her immunity, her parents and asks for Nisha's help to spy on the hospital.

What's good?

The performance of Trishna Mukherjee hypnotises you in this movie.
The story is high-grade.
Double Bluff played to spy on the hospital is a major plus point.
Background Score.

What's wrong?

The movie feels like stretching.
No one wants to see the torcher and pain in the films these days.

My Rating 6/10

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